Sustainability at WSP Opus

WSP Opus has a proud legacy of providing the infrastructure required to successfully enhance and develop our local communities.

Our sustainability and environmental policy outlines our vision for success including key principles to support our sustainability goals.  Overall, we aim to support a healthy society where people can meet their needs now, and into the future, while ensuring we respect the natural environment in our project solutions and provide sound corporate governance to ensure the economic sustainability of our business.

We acknowledge the changing demands of the societies we work within and the complex challenges presented by limited environmental resources. WSP Opus is responding to these new challenges through internal initiatives and by evolving the services we deliver.

As a member of Sustainability Business Council and the Climate Leaders Coalition we are constantly monitoring the ways in which our daily business activities impact on the environment, society and the economy and we are setting long term scientific targets to reduce our footprint, reporting these metrics though the WSP Sustainability Annual Report  We have committed to continually improving our own environmental performance and have started to develop and implement environmental management systems with the aim of progressively achieving ISO14001:2015 certification across the New Zealand business.

We have also committed to the continued development of expertise in the areas of sustainable infrastructure, buildings, infrastructure and sustainability advisory services. We will build on our global successes in these areas and continue on a growth trajectory as trusted partners in the field of sustainability services.

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