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An innovative design maximizes the potential of a challenging site, embracing good urban design principles to deliver a stunning building that adds much value to its prominent urban context.


138 Victoria Street was part of the rebuild and rejuvenation of this historically significant street. Core urban design principles were adopted from the outset to establish a strong interface connection between the building and the street.

This building is designed to sit comfortably with the scale and form of the new building developments directly to the north and south. The south façade setback allows for ground level retail activity and landscaping to be extended from the street frontage to the main entrance, broadening the visibility of the building and creating a stronger built presence on Victoria Street. Innovative winter garden balconies incorporated on the street facades on all floor levels provide spectacular breakout spaces for the building occupants to access fresh air and engage with the street activity below. The interface between the building and the street is a key aspect of creating great places.

Architectural detailing and façade modulation have been thoughtfully considered and ,combined with deliberate boundary setbacks, create visual interest and human scale. The expressed roof form provides a vaulted office space ceiling with the opportunity to incorporate additional tenantable space on mezzanines. The underside to the street canopy, and vaulted ceilings to the top level, are clad in timber boarding, a contextual reference to the historical significance of Victoria Street as a transport route for moving timber to the city centre.

The building incorporates environmentally sustainable design principles throughout, an essential requirement for the future of the city and for tenants who have an appreciation of the importance of sustainability. Maximum natural light penetration, external views, and a design emphasis on quality interior space and occupant well-being were key drivers.

The angled roof accommodates photo-voltaic panels and glazing within the roof allows natural daylight penetration to the dramatic feature central atrium stairwell which extends through all levels of the building.  A design focus on structural resilience and low damage finishes is fundamental to the design and materials selection. Innovative solutions, embracing the latest structural technologies, provide the highest level of seismic protection possible. Added value is provided for the building owner and building tenants through continuity of business operations and revenue.