28,000ha race-based irrigation scheme converts to gravity pressured pipe

The ALIS race based irrigation scheme in mid–Canterbury services around 250 properties. Our feasibility studies and specimen design showed how to best deliver water through the system.

Stage 2 of the project is to convert 20,000 ha to receive 10.5m3/sec of pressurised water through races, dams and around 200km of pipework.

WSP Opus first produced feasibility studies and a specimen design detailing how to best deliver pressurised water through a combination of dams, hydro power generation, turbines, races, pipework and pumping. The project combines open race and piped networks, including large bore pipes up to 1200mm dia.

Our brief covered all technical aspects of the project, including producing tender documents using NEC3, running the tender process, collaboratively developing the design, doing engineering design reviews and geotechnical studies to optimise backfilling techniques – saving the client several million dollars.

The project gave us contemporary knowledge of irrigation contracts procured through an interactive tender process, and gave us a chance to apply our procurement recommendations within the MAF Good Practice Guidelines.

“WSP Opus brought real strength and experience to the project. The NEC3 contract recommended from the outset by WSP Opus worked really well for us, particularly by encouraging a collaborative approach with tenderers throughout the [tender process].” - Jess Dargue, Scheme Manager, Ashburton Lyndhurst Irrigation.