Upgrading street lights in New Zealand’s largest urban region

We worked with Auckland City Council on a plan to upgrade the street lights in Auckland City, across a road network of over 1,200km.

Auckland City has a road network of over 1,200 kilometres which is lit up by a street lighting network comprising more than 13,600 poles and 30,000 bracket arms and luminaires.

Auckland City Council commissioned WSP Opus to review the city’s street lighting assets, and to develop a three year work programme for the replacement and upgrade of the street lighting network.

Our work included:

  • Analysing data from many sources including SLIM Data, Auckland City street lighting studies, crash statistics, police crime data and pedestrian crossing reviews 
  • Developing priorities with an emphasis on the safety of road users
  • Developing a desktop study using installed lighting power densities and minimum required lighting power densities to identify non-compliant roads
  • Identifying and prioritising intersection black spots and non-compliant/under lit roads
  • Identifying and prioritising the replacement of existing concrete poles and steel poles in poor condition
  • Identifying and prioritising council owned carpark lighting, bridge and pedestrian walkway lighting and pedestrian crossing lighting

All tasks needed to be prioritised to fit within an annual budget.