Facilities and asset management for 46 rail sites and 13 ferry terminals

This was a significant asset management project for public transport in the Auckland region –the sites have a capital replacement value of about $40 million.

WSP Opus provided facilities and asset management services for the Auckland region’s 46 rail station sites and 13 ferry terminals. This was a significant asset management project for Auckland public transport and the sites have a capital replacement value of about $40 million.

We have provided these services since September 2006. ARTA is responsible for providing integrated efficient transport solutions for the Auckland Region. They provide planning, funding, and implementation of transport infrastructure, and public transport information services via their MAXX brand.

We were engaged to create ARTA’s first asset management plan. Previously ARTA hadn’t owned any physical assets, so needed a framework of asset management to be created to enable them to manage their assets in line with industry best practice.

As well as authoring the asset management plan we advised ARTA on appropriate asset management processes to aid day to day asset management practice. We created a bespoke web based asset management decision support tool to give ARTA the capability to:

  • Manage condition and risk surveys
  • Prioritise assets for maintenance and renewal
  • Manage maintenance and renewal projects so asset information integrity is maintained over time

We continue to be responsible for condition surveys, risk surveys, specialised valuation services, planned maintenance schedules for current and new assets, and data updates to ARTA’s corporate enterprise management system, SAP. We are also working with ARTA on the implementation of asset management improvement initiatives identified as part of their formal Asset Management Plan submission to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). The information we are providing and the decision making frameworks we have created are enabling a greater level of sophistication and joined up thinking.