Rationalising an aging portfolio of pensioner housing

We worked with Buller District Council to help them make the most of what they had, with a plan for their existing group of aging assets.

Buller District Council needed an asset management plan to rationalise their ageing portfolio of pensioner housing. WSP Opus worked with the council to develop a plan for their existing group of ageing assets.

We started by initiating and developing a housing policy in conjunction with council staff. The policy outlined the levels of service the council wanted to provide for its community. Elected members adopted the policy and incorporated it into their Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP).

We then prepared an asset management plan using the New Zealand Asset Management Support (NAMS) International Infrastructure Management Manual (IIMM) and Property 2006 guidelines.

The Buller District Council covers a very large geographic area, and consultation reached far into the small communities within the district.

As a small rural council, they wanted to operate their housing assets as a value for money service. The plan provided the evidence and rationale for the council to complete with WSP Opus a successful funding application for the Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) Housing Innovation Fund (HIF) and Local Authority Housing Fund. This enabled them to achieve partnership with HNZC for the modernisation of many units within the portfolio to the value of $800K.