A robust conservation plan for this iconic building

This significant Christchurch complex has been preserved for future generations, with the input of many stakeholders along the way.

WSP Opus’ team of heritage consultants and architects, historians and project managers produced a robust conservation plan for this iconic building.

Considerable effort went into preparing a plan that instills peace of mind and confidence in our clients Christchurch City Council and the wider community, by helping to preserve this exceptional, significant complex for future generations.

A conservation plan sets out the heritage value of a place and develops policies to guide its conservation, future use and development.

This plan:

  • Reviews historical information about the Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings
  • Records works carried out since the original 1991 conservation plan for the buildings
  • Identifies issues and reassesses significance and policies

The team also prepared an inventory of fabric and elements and a separate condition report for each space within the Stone Chamber, timber buildings and corridors, and includes the two stone towers, Bellamy’s and the former Children and Young Persons Court.

The review confirmed that as a complex the Canterbury Provincial Council Buildings are of exceptional significance. Within the complex, the Stone Chamber and Timber Chamber have a very high level of authenticity, contain outstanding architectural detailing and are of exceptional significance. The remainder of the complex comprises a mixture of authentic materials and original spaces alongside reproduced materials, additions and changes to spaces.

Despite the changes, the overall significance of the place and its setting remains high. For the most part individual replacements of materials maintain rather than diminish its significance.