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Situated on the high profile Merivale site of the former St Albans Methodist Church (1859-2013) the new Chinese Methodist Church is a pragmatic response to post earthquake rebuilds. 

The requirements of the client directed that a building of quality be provided for $2.3m and that it would feature a chapel space and seating for 250 people. The new facilities would also need to include a hall, administration offices, classrooms and catering facilities. The design required the building to be identified as a modern place of worship that would fit well into its prominent location.

The design has placed emphasis on the decoration of the chapel and entry whilst also being faithful to the structure of the building. This is achieved by exposing the laminated timber rafters as well as the expression of the k-brace and frames. These elements have been interwoven into the fabric of the building to provide a scale, volume and decoration that is fit for a place of worship. The stained glass windows and foundation stones from the former Church have been retained and are displayed in the entry foyer as a link to the past and provide a connection to the history of the site.