Retrofitting New Zealand homes to improve insulation

This programme’s mission is to improve the insulation and heating of more than 188,500 New Zealand homes.

Over a four year period EECA is retrofitting New Zealand homes that have substandard insulation. WSP Opus has an ongoing role to protect the quality and integrity of the nationwide programme, through independent auditing and quality control.

The widely publicised programme started on 1 July 2009 and aims to retrofit more than 188,500 New Zealand homes or over a fifth of the 900,000 homes estimated to have substandard insulation.

The Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart (WHNZ) Scheme is an insulation and clean heating programme. It gives New Zealand home owners the chance to make their homes warmer, drier and more energy efficient.

This is New Zealand’s largest residential retrofit project, improving homes around the country. It’s a true legacy project, and is expected to impact New Zealanders, their homes and their energy use not just within the project period but for the next generation of people living in these homes.

WSP Opus has been working since October 2009 to provide an independent auditing service for the WHNZ programme. We have committed a team of 50 staff across New Zealand to this project and have done over 10,000 audits over the past three years.