University of Waikato

This complex project asserts itself boldly on its corner site, communicating both permanence and quality through its formal and material qualities. Conceived as a new gateway into the existing campus the design utilises a challenging sloping site to create dynamic circulation patterns and spaces where users can socialise and relax. It is a powerful expression of solid mass and void, and the journey through the building offers a discovery of space, light and connection.

Law is an important cornerstone of civilised society and this philosophy was a strong driver influencing the choice of materials. The predominant monolithic concrete palette expresses solidarity and provides longevity and low maintenance, steel represents strength, glass achieves a high degree of transparency and wood was incorporated for its organic relationship.

 The office tower has an external structure allowing each floor to be subdivided in various ways without restriction. Flexibility is the key which shared teaching spaces able to be used for more than one purpose.