Tenure review process for Crown land under Pastoral Lease

WSP Opus supports Land Information New Zealand in the preparation and management of the tenure review process for Crown land held under Pastoral Lease.

WSP Opus supports LINZ in what is an often emotional and political environment with preparing and managing the tenure review process for Crown Land held under Pastoral Lease.

Since 2000 WSP Opus have been contracted by LINZ to facilitate the Tenure Review (TR) process that deals with Crown Land held under Pastoral Lease (PL) tenure. There are currently 304 Pastoral Leases that encompass about 2.5 million hectares of South Island high country.

While the leases have a perpetual right of renewal the land is subject to a range of restrictions on its use to encourage good sustainable management practices. If a pastoral lessee wants to relinquish the lease in return for the opportunity to freehold part of the land they can apply for TR.

The process allows the Crown to retain land that has significant inherent values and the leaseholder to freehold land capable of economic use. It is really a rationalisation exercise of the Crown owned PL land. Each TR follows the same process but may have different results – ranging from all land being proposed for conservation to all land being freehold.

There is a huge emphasis on consultation - involving the leaseholder, the Department of Conservation, F&G, Iwi, NGOs and the public. Our role is one of facilitator getting all parties involved on a per property basis. The main phases in the process and our role in completing them are:

  • TR commences with acceptance of the lessees invitation by LINZ
  • Information gathering by stakeholders to identify significant inherent values
  • DoC put together recommendations on which areas should be protected
  • WSP Opus analyses information and recommendations and provides independent advice to LINZ
  • Includes valuation for deriving settlement sum
  • We present a proposal to the lessee and consult with them and DoC over proposed boundaries and public access easements

We also negotiate financial settlement and reports to LINZ, amend and advertise proposals, analyse submissions, consult on any new issues, before a final version of the proposal is prepared for LINZ and the lessee, which constitutes an unconditional agreement.he contract has a major emphasis on project management and our role is to facilitate an acceptable outcome in what is a very political and emotive environment.