Finding an alternative route to the Liverpool 4 mine portal

Solid Energy needed a cost estimate for the construction of an alternative access route to the Liverpool 4 mine.

WSP Opus had earlier identified the possible 1.9km route to the underground mine – we had also produced cost estimates for upgrading the existing 2.9km access track, for cost comparisons.

Our Greymouth team brought considerable roading design and construction experience to the job. They undertook preliminary design of the alternative route then worked with Solid Energy contractors to clear a track.

Our survey team then worked to augment and prove the existing photogrammetric terrain model. Their presence in Greymouth meant they could work closely with our design team and Solid Energy contractors. It also meant they could take advantage of good weather to get the work done quickly and cost-effectively.

Our Christchurch geotechnical team inspected the site and provided design recommendations. The Greymouth team then finalised a detailed AutoCAD 3D model of the road and infrastructure, and produced a construction methodology, mass-haul calculations, risk-based construction estimates, a design report, and comparison with the existing road option. The new road was the clear winner.

Our ability to provide a multidisciplinary service through one WSP Opus project manager gave Solid Energy time and cost efficiencies, as well as convenience.