Lower Manuherikia

Bringing innovation to client infrastructure project objectives

This study investigated the water resource management options available to the Lower Manuherikia Valley, in light of the current water supply sources being under review, taking into account options for infrastructure management and further land use change within a statutory consenting timeframe.

WSP Opus’ study covered the relevant legislation and consenting issues, climate and soil investigation, mini-hydropower generation potential, preliminary storage and distribution design, and rough order costing.  WSP Opus also investigated the suitability of the Lake Dunstan water as a drinking water source for Alexandra and Clyde.  The advantages of adopting catchment-wide collaboration to achieve optimum outcomes for all was highlighted as a necessary future step.

The team members involved in this study demonstrated the ability to develop a strong understanding of local irrigation issues and bring innovation to client infrastructure project objectives.  Options presented have provided a platform for catchment scale investigations including WSP Opus assessing feasibility of better utilising Falls Dam.