This award winning solution has made Lyttleton Tunnel brighter and safer

The new solution we came up with has resulted in substantial energy savings of over 30%.

WSP Opus struck on an award winning solution to improve the Lyttleton tunnel. We started by reviewing the existing lighting installation then combined our extensive research and available technologies to develop a solution that greatly lifted lighting levels, visibility and safety within the tunnel.

The changes resulted in substantial energy savings of over 30%, using a luminaire with long life T5 fluorescent lamps and high performance electronic control gear. The luminaires are designed for tunnels and the hostile combination of salt air, exhaust gases and other contaminants. Supplied by Thorn, they are fully IP rated and corrosion resistant with stainless steel and toughened glass lens. This ensures a fit-for-purpose installation that will stand the test of time.

The luminaire’s high quality reflector projects light into the tunnel. The retrofit application presented some challenges that called for creative design. A proprietary IP67 rated plug and cabling system and special mounting hardware enables lights to be quickly disconnected and changed, with minimal tunnel closure and traffic disruption.

The LED luminaire is controlled by the master PLC and strobes away from the location of incident towards the tunnel exit. This is now being looked at for application in a number of overseas tunnels. This project was acknowledged in the 2010 IES Lighting Awards with an Excellence in the Lighting Design Award, as well as an Excellence in the EECA/RightLight Energy Efficiency Award.