Pleasant Point

WSP Opus was engaged to help with the selection of a shed contractor and facilitate the conversion of their existing farm to dairy at Pleasant Point.

The on-farm infrastructure and consultancy services provided to the Lundies is a great example of how critical these services are for the conversion and building of rural community infrastructure.

The WSP Opus team provided site and cadastral surveying, construction supervision and project management. Information was able to be provided to the earthworks and shed contractors to inform their works.

WSP Opus also provided engineering support to the shed contractor who constructed the farm dairy effluent (FDE) system. The FDE system comprised a double stone trap with a weeping wall, an above-ground system tank and secondary in-ground polishing tanks (3 x 10,000L) for liquid FDE to be suitable for injecting into two centre pivots.

One of the main reasons the Lundies employed WSP Opus was that trying to scope the shed build independently was logistically difficult; and led to lost clarity around project management and costings.

WSP Opus was able offer assistance at a crucial tipping-point within the project and help the Lundies achieve a successful outcome in the farm conversion.

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