An emergency response plan for Telecom and Chorus

The Post Earthquake Response Plan developed for Telecom and Chorus was designed to ensure business continuity and building safety after an earthquake.

The primary goal of the Post Earthquake Response Plan is to enable Telecom and Chorus operations to continue and for buildings to be checked quickly.

Telecom and Chorus set out to define procedures for efficiently evaluating buildings. The Plan also covers other disasters affecting buildings, and includes:

  • Procedures for keeping the plan up to date
  • Training requirements
  • Procedures for managing the emergency response phase
  • Communication plans, including coordination between Telecom, Chorus, consultants and territorial authorities
  • Target response times
  • Procedures for evaluations and identifying emergency repairs.

The Plan names the consultants, national and regional coordinators and evaluation teams who will act as Telecom and Chorus agents in emergency declared under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002.

Our team brought a wealth of expertise to the project. We were able to draw on our collective experience in telecommunications, construction, engineering and planning to produce a robust set of procedures to help Telecom and Chorus keep going, safely, in an emergency.