Auditing over 400 parks, sportsfields, gardens, playgrounds and reserves

Our independent auditing system gave the North Shore City Council an accurate birds’ eye view of the maintenance of their parks assets.

In 2007 WSP Opus was commissioned to audit all parks maintenance for the North Shore City Council. We used a comprehensive, independent auditing system that enables our clients to track the performance of contractors and ensure high service levels are met.

Our dedicated NSCC Parks Auditor and a consultant from Contract Management Solutions spent eight years developing the live, web based auditing system – PerSe© CMS. It allows the auditor to randomly sample tasks to audit and then record audit results in the field with a handheld PDA.

WSP Opus has 48 hours to complete and log an audit once a task has been completed by the contractors. Traditionally contractors have been responsible for determining their own work programme to meet Council requirements, but the NSCC has specific timings/requirements for the:

  • Mowing of parks/berms, public grassed areas, cemeteries
  • Maintenance of gardens
  • Maintenance of parks furniture
  • Maintenance of sports wickets/trees

Our software specifically deals with the prescriptive nature of the contract, enabling our auditor to clearly identify pass or failed works and log photographic evidence. It also allows the client to track contractors’ performance standards, immediately identifying issues and subsequently ensuring better value for money. 

The system breaks down the inputted audit data into performance graphs and historical flow charts that the client can use to modify and improve the contract. The system allows for immediate, open resolution of issues. Most NSCC contractors have bought into the system as it provides a transparent indication of whether they are meeting the 85% minimum pass rate and allows supervisors to actively manage the contract from their own PerSe© interface.