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Optimising bus traffic flow between the North Shore and Auckland CBD

The WSP Opus team has led design and construction management of this project since 1997.

The Northern Busway optimises the flow of rapid transit bus services between the North Shore and Auckland CBD. WSP Opus has been central to the development of the busway and the associated Esmonde Interchange since 1997. We led the detailed design and construction management phases for the southern sector and the busway stations.

This project faced some significant challenges. The alignment is adjacent to sensitive marine areas that required environmental protection. And design solutions needed to address staged construction to provide temporary traffic management.

One of our initiatives on the project was to use polystyrene blocks as lightweight fill material to build bridge approaches on weak ground.

The project provided a dedicated two-lane busway alongside the Northern Motorway linking with five busway stations. It included interchange upgrades and associated local road and pedestrian improvements.