Coordinated reactive maintenance 24/7 for the Waikato District Police

Our reasoned and rational approach to reactive maintenance for the Waikato District Police brought cost savings as well as peace of mind.

WSP Opus provided a coordinated reactive maintenance service 24/7 to the Waikato District Police facilities. In this 2002 pilot programme, WSP Opus managed reactive maintenance for the New Zealand Police in the Waikato District.

The expertise of our facilities management consultants brought cost efficiencies and helped to reduce defects to Police property like stations and housing. The contract has since been extended to include Bay of Plenty and Eastern North Island Districts.

We also provided additional services such as building conditioning assessments, preparing 10 year maintenance plans and implementing project work for property assets in Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Eastern Districts.

This successful contract applied sound reasoning and independent advice rather than relying on obvious solutions or contractors recommendations.