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An office refresh to encourage inter-discipline working in a modern, vibrant space.

Our Auckland office in Westhaven was dated and dull. Now, it’s a light-filled, flexible, enjoyable space that promotes collaboration.

The WSP Opus Westhaven office is currently undergoing a refurbishment. The new office layout encourages interaction between different teams through the removal of boundaries, physical and perceived, from the existing floor layout.

To promote this interaction and communication, an interactive core has been designed. It has a variety of spaces such as meeting rooms, quiet rooms, writeable walls, pin boards, recycling and printing centres to encourage cross-pollination of ideas in currently unused areas.

Our role

We undertook a range of tasks to drive the new Westhaven office from concept to completion. This included stakeholder consultation, design, construction programming and project management.

The result

The new office has three distinctive zones to promote modern, flexible working that responds to different user needs:

1.      The reception area: creates a strong impact on clients and staff through its striking ambiance and materiality. Focal points like the reception counter and meeting rooms have been highlighted through the use of contrasting colours, aiding visitors’ navigation.

2.     The library: reinforces WSP Opus’ corporate identity with its colour scheme. It contains café style and soft seating that encourages a comfortable environment for study, meetings and informal discussions.

3.     The staff chill-out space: promotes a relaxing atmosphere through bringing the outside in. Outdoor references such as rustic furniture, shipping container cladding, bean bags and greenery creates a playful area for staff to enjoy.

Key challenge and solution

The WSP Opus Westhaven office had to remain operational at all stages of the refurbishment. Our team developed a programme that engaged the contractor early in the process. We worked closely with the contractor to define the decanting sequences that would best suit the construction phases. This meant that disruption to the office was minimised.

Key features

During design phase, it was intended that the new office would be vibrant and informal and contrast with the traditional work environment. To achieve this, the following was implemented:

  • Bringing the outside in by introducing plants on a large scale to improve air quality and staff wellbeing.
  • Selection of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, including modular carpet and paint.
  • Increasing the use of natural light.
  • Positioning furniture in angles that create new “in-between” spaces for soft seating, discussion and other activities – something previously unachievable with a traditional layout.

At a glance

Client: WSP Opus International Consultants
Location: Westhaven, Auckland
Dates: 2015 – present (completion due late 2015)
Services provided: Architecture, Interior Design, Project management, Electrical, Lighting