Engineering Feasibility Investigation

ArcGIS Online provided project stakeholders with a collaborative, spatially enabled project management tool, presenting an overview of constraints, design options and analysis.

Client: Port Macquarie
Hastings Council
Location: Port Macquarie,
NSW, Australia

WSP Opus was commissioned to develop a multidisciplinary engineering feasibility study for an orbital link road, for Port Macquarie Hastings Council, NSW.

This assessment used a GIS-based weighted multi-criteria analysis process (MCA) which considered the financial, environmental and a host of other constraints to identify and reserve an economic, sustainable and feasible road corridor. Route options were designed in Civil3D, imported into ArcGIS and split into 100m uniquely referenced sections. Constraints were spatially joined to each route section and counted, then Council determined weighted values were recorded in the GIS data. Summing constraint scores allowed stakeholders to see the result of their decision making in the form of “hot spots” in an ArcGIS Online web map. ArcGIS Online also allowed for quick changes when new design data became available or weighted values needed to be changed, in one case changes were published during a client meeting to assist the discussion.

The MCA outcomes were combined with construction cost estimates to allow the client to select their preferred parts of each route and provided robust evidence of the decision-making process. ArcGIS Online was used for project progress meetings on Council premises and for internal collaborative use supported from New Zealand.