Review of the effectiveness of the Ahurir Uses Zone

Ensuring a diverse commercial, residential & industrial community had their views heard

Ahuriri’s Mixed Uses zone features a blend of industrial, commercial, retail, residential and other uses surrounded by residential development, the historic port and a vibrant cluster of accommodation and entertainment premises.

A blend of industrial, commercial and residential land uses has been a historical feature of Ahuriri since its early days as a port settlement. Existing industrial buildings are typically large scale, and until recently predominantly used for warehousing and manufacturing. However more recently the area has seen a trend towards high amenity residential and commercial retail and office developments - seeking to take advantage of the character and location of the area, with proximity to the city centre, entertainment, and the waterfront.

This review tested whether the issues and environmental outcomes sought by the Plan had changed since the Plan was first adopted. It then assessed the strengths and weaknesses of the provisions in the Plan in terms of addressing or achieving these. Finally it identified any further changes that might enhance the Plan, including those in response to more recent changes in land use.

Effective community engagement was critical to the review.  Targeted consultation with land owners and occupiers spanned commercial, residential, retail, office, hospitality, transportation, industrial and other uses. This ensured a better understanding of what worked well and what caused concern. Local aspirations in respect of character and amenity were also explored.

Notably a high degree of support for the diversity of uses encouraged by the Plan was evident, with some possible enhancements also identified to Plan provisions to reflect the nature of uses now present.