Rosedale Bus Terminal 4 Medium
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Rosedale Bus Terminal 3 Medium

The Architectural design builds upon the NCI and the northern busway network’s design principles, and uses materials which are already part of AT’s inventory for existing stations, for a consistent station appearance. To ensure the station has good visibility from the surrounding road network and in accordance with the station safety principles, materials will be predominantly transparent, and make extensive use of glass and steel.

The Rosedale Bus station is split into two distinct spaces, the Arrenway plaza on the upper level and the Rosedale road plaza under the busway. Functionally the spaces are activated by people, the layout of planting and furniture is positioned with pedestrian circulation as the primary driver. Seating, cycle racks and rubbish bins are positioned in locations to encourage usage and with quantities as a response to anticipated use.

The central commuter access spine links all modes of transport and provides a consistent organisation of major elements in all Northern Busway stations. Key elements common to each of the stations prioritise those that have either walked or used other forms of public transport to access the station. 

The new Arrenway Plaza Entrance Building was developed for functional  requirements and user comfort, providing a sheltered area for circulation and dwelling. The structure is the focal point of the Arrenway Plaza. The Arrenway Plaza Entrance incorporates one of the four lift and stair vertical access routes to provide a link between platform 1 and Rosedale Road.

The lift / Stair towers are pared back functional structures that provide vertical circulation. The proposed design of the lift / stair towers is fully enclosed and integrated with lobby spaces all the way down to Rosedale Road level. The new design of steel and glass is less complicated from a maintenance and structural design point of view, as well as in the construction detailing, providing better weather proofing and a reduction in complex junctions.

The busway canopies are integrated into to the Arrenway Plaza Entrance structure and lift / stair towers. The module spacing reduces the entry structure’s size and the structural load on the bridge structure. To reduce maintenance and
safety issues, canopies have a central gutter system, so maintenance is not on the edge of the bridge. 

The design follows CPTED principles to reduce criminal opportunity and maximise safety. Achieved through ‘active’ and ‘passive’ safety measures ensuring a safe station environment.