St Francis 2
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St Francis 3

The new school is a bespoke facility to support the teaching and learning philosophy of the local community.

The amalgamation of two schools on an existing site required master planning for 12 new teaching spaces, a library, larger administration facilities and a future school hall. The site also included the Our lady of Assumption Church, church hall and presbytery. The church was demolished and hall temporarily relocated and used as the temporary parish church.

The building had to be significant so as to be seen from the street but be subservient to the future new church opposite. The double height projecting eave and folded roof form draws visitors into the main entrance and beyond towards the centre of the school. The scale of the entrance creates the spiritual uplifting of the faith and is reinforced by the adjacent feature wall and cross.

The upper balcony allows student access to the outside and visible from the street so the buildings are easily recognized as a school for children. The building interiors incorporate modern learning environments but retain flexibility to create smaller multiple learning spaces.