079 Te Awamutu Library 2Dec2016
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Te Awamutu's new library is the first phase in Waipa District Council's exciting development of a cultural and recreational precinct for the community. A landmark building for Te Awamutu, the library is the anchor for future development of this area.

We brought the library to life with a strong, simple and modern architectural design. Using a limited exterior palette of materials our design includes a perforated metal cladding giving the library its identity and point of difference. Referred to as filigree, the metal cladding on the facade invokes ideas of focus and connection. It also inspires a sense of change and flow across the building to show growth, imagination, and change.

The innovation is particularly reflected in the visual transformation of the facade. As your line of sight shifts across the geometric pattern, the appearance of the pattern changes. This reflects how an inquisitive mind will grow, shift and change focus when connected to new ideas and information.

To develop the filigree design, we consulted extensively with the public and an elected panel to ensure stakeholders and the community were fully involved in the process. Stakeholder engagement was also fundamental to the success of this project. We held regular design workshops with library users to deliver a bespoke design that was tailored to their needs and wants.

Our interior design of the Te Awamutu Library is modern, clean, simple and elegant. The industrial language is expressed through the exposed steel structure, mechanical ducts and polished concrete floors.

A key challenge was to integrate the landscape and streetscape design and ensure it responded to the building's architecture. Working closely with the landscape design consultants allowed us to deliver a holistic solution that complimented the library's design and connects the community with their built environment. 

Watch a timelapse video of the library construction.