Support for AC and DC systems and air conditioning projects

We have a long running relationship with Telecom NZ and provide consultancy services and a total UPS package for both AC and DC power systems, and air conditioning projects.

Telecom NZ has an increasing requirement for UPS systems associated with data centres and communication equipment operating at 240V AC. This has resulted in many of the existing installed systems reaching capacity.

We have provided a total UPS package that has included:

  • Identifying availability requirements associated with each particular installation type
  • Determining UPS building loads and growth requirements to gauge appropriate UPS equipment and modularity
  • Designing UPS switchboards enabling connection of multiple UPS units
  • Assessing UPS distribution board requirements, location, sizing and cabling
  • Identifying areas requiring transformer isolation for separation of DC and AC systems and associated earth paths
  • Production of pre-development and detailed design reports associated with building and space requirements for UPS systems
  • Structural analysis of buildings to cater for battery and UPS weight loading limitations
  • Designing seismic support systems for switchboards and battery systems to meet strict New Zealand and Telecom seismic codes.

Depending on Telecom’s specific requirements for each project, our services have included:

  • Initial provision of pre-development reports
  • Acting as engineer to contract
  • Administering contracts and evaluating and certifying payment claims
  • Undertaking routine inspections during construction
  • Supervising commissioning and testing of the completed installation.