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A new waterfront for the port and beach next to Gisborne City

The design themes we came up with for this east coast city walkway take into account cultural, environmental and practical considerations.

Gisborne District Council created a new waterfront for the key port and beach area adjacent to the city centre. It was important that the walkway both reflected the site’s significance to tangata whenua and achieved a cost effective approach that respected the river.

We implemented design themes to celebrate the:

  • Significance of the site to iwi
  • Adjacent freshwater stream
  • Significance of the Waikanae Stream for harakeke, tuna and its relationship to the Turanganui River
  • Connection of the site to both the adjoining urupa and Captain Cook’s arrival, and associated monuments in close proximity to the site.

Koru and concrete detailing, including the shell midden concrete design incorporated into the walkway, effectively promote the connections of the site to the waterways, sea and urupa.