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Developing a targeted programme of asset renewals

The integrated asset management framework we created for the University of Auckland presents the ‘big picture’ for ongoing strategic management of the University’s assets.

WSP Opus helped The University of Auckland to develop a targeted programme of asset renewals. The University of Auckland needed to be able to consistently establish the condition of their facilities throughout their various campuses. This information was required to guide their 10 year strategic asset management planning process.

Having not previously done such an exercise, the University needed guidance on the appropriate level of building componentisation, hierarchy of assets, levels of service required from various assets, the default useful life of assets, and the component cost of their assets.

We created the overall asset management framework by which building assets were classified and assessed; surveyed all buildings in respect of the internal, external, and plant assets; surveyed all car parks and their respective assets; derived useful life and cost criteria for all assets; integrated data from disparate databases to create useful information; and created a flexible web based asset management system for the reporting of asset condition tailored to the University’s needs.

The outputs from the project have provided the University with the ability to:

  • Prioritise maintenance needs
  • Establish cost and year of renewal budgets
  • Undertake long term strategic planning
  • Undertake scenario planning and optimisation works
  • Undertake project scoping and programming works

As a result the University has successfully implemented a targeted programme of renewals, based on reliable information in a simple and transparent way, with full regard for their future building related liabilities.