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Connecting Auckland’s North Shore and Waitakere regions

This new motorway has seen a significant reduction in congestion and allows the existing Upper Harbour Drive and Hobsonville Road to serve the local communities and better provide for walking and cycling.

This project included design and construction management of a four lane divided carriageway between Auckland’s North Shore and Waitakere Regions. The new road needed to cover a distance of 14km, and there was also a 2.8km extension of SH16.

WSP Opus prepared a detailed design for the 6.5km Greenhithe section and provided designs for the:

  • 460m long duplication of the Upper Harbour Bridge
  • 6km Hobsonville section
  • SH16 extension

Buildability has been a key feature of the project, including top down construction. For the Albany underpass we needed to address traffic management to enable existing roads and ramps to be functioning during construction.

Much of the success of this project came down to our extensive stakeholder consultation and environmental mitigation, which were significant features. The project was staged with different procurement methods.