WSP Opus is an integral member of the Vodafone infrastructure team

We provide a comprehensive suite of services for Vodafone, from scheduled maintenance to identifying opportunities for on-going cost savings.

WSP Opus is an integral member of the Vodafone infrastructure team and provides key services and critical real time data. WSP Opus has supported Vodafone with scheduled maintenance, call out and remedial services for Vodafone's 190 telecoms network communications sites throughout New Zealand for three contract terms over seven years.

As part of this contract we provide a comprehensive suite of building, grounds, and plant maintenance management including, critical infrastructure UPS and electrical supply support equipment, air conditioning, cleaning, landscaping and general routine maintenance functions.

Tasks also include the management and updating of asset registers, detailed monitoring and evaluation of maintenance performance data, and identification of opportunities for on-going cost saving and continuous improvement. As for all our facility and property management commissions, the service is supported by a dedicated 24/7 call out service.

As well as providing excellent network reliability, we have progressively rationalised previously extensive subcontract agreements to a core specialist sub contractor team of just 14. A consolidated invoice detailing scheduled and responsive tasks is provided monthly to Vodafone.