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Originally built in 1924 as the first building on campus the Main Block was identified as meeting only 17% of NBS in 2011 and has remained vacant since. It is now undergoing a significant redevelopment to bring it up to 100%NBS of the structural code and incorporating the most up-to-date ideas on teaching and learning environments based around Modern Learning or New Generation Learning styles.

When complete it will provide 5200m2 of new learning and support environments including a full new music suite of teaching and practice rooms for their world-class choirs and music programme; an integrated special needs unit; fully fitted out hospitality and food technology rooms with an integral café; cultural / Wharemanahe. Significant innovation and a creative and integrated design approach has been used to achieve this technically complex project; state of the art open access library; and a new second storey arts and sculpture teaching environment for one of the top arts programmes in New Zealand.

 A non-notified Resource Consent has been approved by WCC for this project through extremely close and careful negotiation led by WSP Opus with Heritage NZ, WCC Heritage team and the Mt Victoria Residents Association, which is a significant achievement for the project. Particular attention has been made to retain and restore the heritage façade to its original 1924 design and maintain and integrate the internal vestibule bringing it back into the active life of the College and its students.