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Sustainable, multi-modal transport network for Wanganui

We worked with Whanganui District Council and Horizons Regional Council on an urban transport strategy that plans for an integrated approach to transport decision making.

The Whanganui Urban Transport Strategy provides an integrated approach for decision making around transportation and urban design, infrastructure investment, land-use consent applications and plan changes.

We worked on this with Whanganui District Council and Horizons Regional Council, within a four-month timeframe. In that time we delivered all outputs on time and on budget and exceeded the client’s expectations.

We recognised that, for this client, visual presentation quality was an important measure of success. Our design team prepared a stand-out format to support a technically excellent strategy.

Key themes within the project are:

  • Ease of navigation
  • A vibrant central city area
  • Riverfront enhancement
  • Enhanced freight movement
  • Real transport choices
  • Integrated land use and transportation.

We share our client’s view that urban design philosophies, land use and community aspirations all influence transportation needs. The planning and community inputs were supported by transportation modelling and data analysis by our transportation team, and the Strategy recognises the roading network as a tool to facilitate wider community outcomes.

It also encourages street design to prioritise people and a sense of neighbourhood. Our approach ensured client ownership and satisfaction at every step. We nurtured seamless stakeholder engagement from the thinking through to commitment to actions, which was key to a widely supported Strategy with clearly defined actions ensuring a coordinated approach to land use and infrastructure development.

The project was awarded a 2012 NZPI Practice Award, to WSP Opus, Whanganui District Council and Horizons Regional Council.