Wilson School

We offer the works for servicing functional and efficient buildings

We work with architects, engineers, planners, estate managers, builders and surveyors to understand how building services can benefit their projects.

Our Building Advisory services help our clients gain more confidence and certainty about the performance, competitiveness, reliability, efficiency and condition of their building and property portfolio.

We have developed our unequaled knowledge of the design, operation, maintenance and management of buildings from more than 150 years of New Zealand experience and our global capability. We have the widest experience buildings types including: schools, prisons, data-centres, commercial buildings, telephone exchanges, universities, town halls, hotels, libraries, power stations and residential property.

WSP Opus have New Zealand’s largest full-discipline Property and Buildings capability, from property and architecture, through to electrical, fire, geotechnical, mechanical, and structural engineering.

Our network of 40 offices gives us the unique ability to deliver Building Advisory and Asset Management services consistently and efficiently across NZ.

Our Building Advisory and Asset Management capability from our extensive technical knowledge of buildings and out intimate understanding of the needs of building owners.

The combination of our technical knowledge, long term view and understanding of the widest range of buildings is that we are able to think lie building owners, so we can help our clients make the best decisions about their buildings and property portfolios.

Our services include:

  • Strategic Advisory Services
  • Building Operations & Maintenance
  • Building Compliance Services
  • Data Management, Interrogation & Analytics
  • Facility Management
  • Inspections, Surveys & Assessments
  • Building & Portfolio Planning Services
  • Risk & Resilience Services
  • Valuations & Financial