Renovation, repair and adaptation of historic buildings

We are recognised nationally and internationally for our work identifying, protecting and managing heritage buildings and archaeological sites.

At WSP Opus, we value historically significant buildings as much as our clients and ensure the architectural integrity of each building is retained – particularly when remodelled for a new use. Through rigorous questioning, research, development and innovation, we use appropriate technology and design to seek solutions that anticipate future change as it relates to heritage projects.

We apply these same values to every heritage project, regardless of its scale. We are committed to sensitively integrating sustainable solutions such as rainwater recycling and passive thermal design to heritage projects.

With heritage work, the focus is often on operational compliance and future proofing. Our solutions strive to sensitively incorporate leading edge technology while retaining the unique characteristics that makes heritage buildings so special.

Our experience in New Zealand

We have considerable expertise in the heritage sector. We offer complete in house consultancy, including coordinating heritage requirements with structural and seismic engineering. This achieves efficiency and a single point of accountability.

Our services include:

  • Conservation design and engineering
  • Architectural design
  • Structural, civil and geotechnical engineering
  • Project management
  • Topographical and measured surveys
  • Archaeological research