We can provide contact of the full frame print negative at 1:1 scale provided as a hard copy photographic print. This is often supplied in neighbouring pairs for viewing in a stereo environment.

What is a contact print?

A contact print is a photo that is produced from film. In some cases, the photo is produced from a film negative, in other cases its made from a film positive. They can be used as an item of proof, usually for map-making or analysis of a site.

What is a stereo print/pair? 
A stereo print or stereoscopy is a photographic technique. A stereo print will enhance the depth of an image by giving a three-dimensional effect. A stereo pair image contains two views of a scene, often location. Each image is intended to be viewed separately by each eye. These images can be viewed with equipment that directs the eye to the appropriate image. However, you can view the images without the tool. For more information speak to our team. 

How to Order

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