Contact Prints Ea $68.00
Raw Digital 1-4 Frames Ea $225.00
Raw Digital 5-9 Frames Ea $185.00
Raw Digital >10 Frames Ea $150.00
A4 Print Ea $165.00
A3 Print Ea $225.00
A2 Print Ea $285.00
A1 Print Ea $325.00
A0 Print Ea $380.00
Oversize cm2 $0.05/cm2
Mosaicing 1-4 Frames Ea $25.00 (i)
Mosaicing 5-9 Frames Ea $45.50 (i)
Mosaicing >10 Frames Ea $65.00 (i)
Research Fee Hr $105.00/hr (ii)
Archive Fee Survey $50.00 (iii)
Urgency Fee % 50% (iv)
Packaging and Handling Order $20.00 (v)
Ortho Photos Price on Application

(i) On top of product price. Where one or more image is to be joined together without orthorectification.
(ii) Complementary for the first hour. Otherwise as arranged.
(iii) Applies per survey to all photos prior to year 2000
(iv) For turnaround in less than 3 days
(v) Applies to all orders, irrespective of medium or size

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