WSP Opus is rapidly expanding the services we provide to the energy sector

We provide strategic, technical and operational services to energy projects all over New Zealand.

WSP Opus has been part of New Zealand’s energy landscape for over 50 years and in Canada, WSP Opus has been involved in the energy market for 100 years. We have been involved with many of New Zealand’s most significant energy projects and are well connected to all major infrastructure.

The world is increasingly dependent on the energy industry for reliable and uninterrupted supply. WSP Opus helps to meet this need by planning and designing highly resilient engineering solutions for new energy infrastructure. People also look to us for leadership when it comes to energy management as we have a long history of successful energy consumption reduction in industry, buildings, transport and the residential market.

Our capability and experience in power covers:

We offer strategic, technical and operational expertise to projects right across the energy mix. Whether it’s supporting the infrastructure that powers us all, designing ‘green’ buildings, helping organisations to reduce their footprint, planning to ensure the lights stay on in the residential market – we’re there.

We support the energy transmission and distribution market with a wide range of services including property and land acquisition, environmental planning, design guidance, geotechnical work, civil and structural engineering, asset disposal, facility management and project management. Our skills are highly sought after by the oil and gas sector, for both on and offshore projects.

Because of our scale and geographic reach we are in a unique position to work with many energy clients simultaneously– something our clients really value. We have 40 local offices and a network of laboratories throughout New Zealand. WSP Opus is a member of the Green Building Council in New Zealand and Australia.