Contaminated Land2

WSP Opus has a long history of providing contaminated land management services

We provide services to landowners, developers, funders and other interested parties, identifying risk based solutions that satisfy statutory requirements.

Stakeholders involved in ownership, transfer and development of sites which may be affected by contamination are exposed to a range of environmental liabilities, financial risk and uncertainty. WSP Opus has a long history of providing pragmatic, site specific and technically robust contaminated land management consultancy services in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and Canada.  

Our experience in New Zealand

  • Preliminary site investigations (PSI) – desk studies and conceptual site model development
  • Detailed site investigations (DSI) - soil and groundwater sampling and testing
  • Quantitative risk assessment for human health protection and discharges to water
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Ground gas risk assessment
  • Remediation options appraisal
  • Site remediation action plan preparation
  • Preparation of contaminant management plans
  • Design and procure remediation works and provide contract administration
  • Supervision of remediation works, verification testing and reporting
  • Resource consent application and guidance
  • Environmental audits for pre-acquisition or divestment due diligence, and environmental  compliance
  • Pollution incident response
  • Expert witness / legal work

Our contaminated land specialists are situated in local offices, providing rapid and cost effective services to clients.  Our specialists also benefit from our wider expertise which is shared between our teams across the world.  We ensure that our technical advice and fieldwork procedures remain at the forefront of industry best practice, allowing a comprehensive assessment of contamination sources, transport and exposure.

Much of our business involves assisting clients meet the requirements of the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health (the NES).  As required by the NES, WSP Opus reports are certified by in-house Suitably Qualified and Experienced Practitioners (SQEPs).  In addition we also advise on the effects of discharges to water from contaminated land and regularly perform due diligence contamination assessments for land transactions to identify environmental liabilities that may impact upon asset value.

Our contaminated land specialists often work in multi-disciplinary teams with other professionals to ensure a successful project outcome that meets environmental, engineering and legislative requirements.  We can offer various complementary services such as geotechnical engineering archaeological monitoring and planning services.  The combination of these competencies and complementary services ensures that we are able to address multiple requirements associated with property development for our clients.  We are equally well positioned to provide rapid response, high quality stand-alone DSI reports that enable clients to progress through the NES consenting process with ease.