At WSP Opus Research we are committed to making the world work better

We provide a broad range of high quality research, specialist consultancy and laboratory services to improve the design and performance of infrastructure for commercial and government clients.

We have a proud history dating back more than 50 years to the New Zealand Ministry of Works when we provided experimental research that informed the design and construction of major national infrastructure projects, such as hydroelectric power schemes and state highways.

Today our researchers work in multi-disciplinary teams to address challenges as diverse as transportation safety, road performance, and the resilience of communities and businesses to major natural hazards.

We also provide specialist consultancy services and materials testing and analysis for engineering construction materials. Our management and operating practices are accredited to the International Quality Management System ISO 9001, and many of our laboratory services have ISO 17025 accreditation. Our team includes engineers, chemists, physicists, materials scientists, environmental scientists, geographers and behavioural scientists.

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Our capability and experience in research covers:

In transportation we provide a wide range of research and services, including road networks, public transport, active transport such as walking and cycling, and the integration of transport with land use. In buildings, structures and utilities, our work addresses the design and durability of new and existing buildings, structures and utilities. In the environmental area, much of what we do is about achieving more environmentally sustainable infrastructure, and understanding the effects of infrastructure on communities.

We also work to improve the health and resilience of both society and businesses by providing research and consultancy services to government, businesses and communities. We do a significant amount of work relating to increasing the resilience of our urban areas to natural hazards, and making cities more liveable.