Flaxmere tower

Increasing demand for reliable uninterrupted energy supply, results in the need for high resilience

WSP Opus offers significant expertise in the development of data centres and resilient buildings that form the backbone of New Zealand’s fixed infrastructure.

Our capability in seismic engineering and robust building services is highly valued across the energy sector by our clients, who need buildings that perform to Importance Level - IL3 & IL4.

One of our strengths in this area is the ability to identify potential weaknesses in existing buildings and infrastructure such as towers, bridges and roads and then design and implement strengthening measures to bring them up to modern code requirements, with minimum disruption.

In order to provide highly reliable 24/7 communications services, telecommunications buildings are complex industrial facilities with a combination of features to ensure that the operating conditions of sensitive network equipment are maintained to tight limits.

These systems are designed with redundant capacity to ensure that reliability can be maintained in the event of failure of supporting infrastructure. The design of this
infrastructure is complex and all construction work has to be carried out without disrupting operation communications services.

Our experience in New Zealand

Our services include:

  • Seismic engineering and base isolated buildings
  • Earthing and lightning protection
  • Essential power
  • DC power
  • No-break power (UPS)
  • High availability chilled water, DX and ‘free’ air-cooling systems

We deliver buildings that allow concurrent system maintenance and perform to IL3 & 4.1