We have experience with a wide range of procurment models – client side or for contractors

WSP Opus has a nationwide team of 100 procurement specialists and contract managers.

We can work on both the client side and for contractors under a range of procurement models including measure and value, Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), Design and Construct (D&C), PPP’s, and Completive and Pure Alliances.

Members of our procurement team have formal qualifications in the New Zealand Certificate in Infrastructure Civil Engineering (Procurement Procedures) and NZTA Levels 1 to 3 as Engineer to theContract and Engineers Representative.

Our experience in New Zealand

Our procurement and contract management services include:

  • Procurement planning and advice
  • Estimation and risk management
  • Value engineering and management
  • Construction planning and programming
  • Preparation of technical specifications and contract documentation
  • Procurement management and tender evaluation
  • Construction management and auditing
  • Technical observation

We offer procurement and contract management services at all our New Zealand offices.