We have a long track record of robust stormwater designs and systems for urban areas

Our focus is on delivering sustainable urban drainage solutions that meet the needs of the community and work with the environment.

WSP Opus has considerable experience designing stormwater solutions for municipal and highway projects, and developing catchment management plans. Our stormwater specialists include senior engineers, environmental scientists and other specialists.

We work with our clients to provide technically sound, environmentally sustainable and economically viable solutions that meet current needs and anticipate future ones. Our clients include local and central government agencies, transportation organisations and private sector businesses. We offer leading edge capability with creative thinking between stormwater pipe networks and receiving environments.

Our experience in New Zealand

Our stormwater services include:

  • Integrated catchment management planning
  • 1D & 2D hydraulic modelling of coastal inundation, floodplains, rivers, open channels and pipe networks
  • Infrastructure capacity assessment
  • Flood risk assessment and flood risk planning policy advice
  • Flood damage assessment
  • Floodplain and hazard mapping
  • Hydrology and hydraulic engineering
  • Sustainable urban drainage and low impact design
  • Climate change impact assessment
  • Highway stormwater drainage design
  • Sub-division development urban drainage and stormwater design
  • Stormwater quality management and treatment
  • Stormwater discharge consents
  • Stormwater infrastructure design and contract supervision
  • Asset management and whole of life asset assessment
  • Bank stabilisation
  • Culvert / bridge hydraulic design / analysis
  • Breach analysis
  • Ecological / stream enhancement